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Start Big

by: Ammar El Gohary

When breaking into a new business there is a learning curve that any business owner has to go through, it’s a tiring process where you start with huge expenditures and little to no profit, it’s an established fact that most businesses fail within the first year of their launch, why start small when you can start with the accumulated experience of masters who already spent years in the field, this is how human beings advanced since the dawn of civilization, building on the knowledge we already possess, otherwise every new generation would still be trying to light a fire in the woods for warmth; use experts who are well aware of all the pitfalls facing newcomers to the industry; people with proven track records in starting companies from the grounds up; own the key to your successful jump to the top of the sales graph in the shortest possible time without having to go that dreadful slump in the beginning; laying you the ground work for a process that rivals and even exceeds those of the companies with years of experience in the field.


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