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Ammar El Gohary At A Glance

An entrepreneur and trendsetter with exhaustive expertise in knowledge management and related tools. He believes in the inevitability of leveraging knowledge-based gears to promote sustainable economy and development.

El Gohary has transnational experience of more than 15 years in the various domains of language services; especially translation, localization and management of interrelated technological systems.

Ammar has a strong vision for regulating the translation profession, Arabizing it and synchronizing the efforts of its stakeholders; particularly the academic entities awarding the languages and translation certificates.

Ammar also encourages fresh graduates of other colleges than language and translation to change their career paths. He has his community initiatives in this regard.

Ammar is expert in deploying the hands-on management tools and resources essential for business accomplishment. He cooperates with business and governmental organizations in Egypt, the UAE, Turkey, Canada and the USA. He founded a number of eminent business names in the field and is the CEO of two of them.

My Vision

Ammar endeavors to be the first consultant professional in the region to provide integrated logistic, consultancy or administrative services to individuals and companies operating in the translation sector.

My Mission

Ammar’s goal is to unleash the true potential of the companies he works for, creating a ‘can-do’ culture to provide essential services.