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Making an Entrance

by: Ammar El Gohary

Here it goes, your lifelong dream of creating a company of your own has come to fruition, you made all the legwork, your papers are in order, your staff and infrastructure are ready, but on launch day you take a look at a line in tiny print in the middle of thousands like it in the yellow pages and you kind of think to yourself; this is kind of anticlimactic… with all the effort, time and money I put in and this is what I show for it? Just another company among countless others? … Well prepare to cue the drum roll, roll out the red carpet and breakout the fireworks because you need to make one hell of an entrance into the market in order to get noticed, get the whole shebang, press releases with the most prestigious media outlets, online and physical marketing, reach your potential clientele before even launching your business, make your entrance one that truly stands out.


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