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Restructuring Vs. Demolition

by: Ammar El Gohary

Most of the time restructuring a running company in order to maximize its potentials proves to be much tougher than starting a company from the ground up, as people tend to fall back into the same established patterns that they feel accustomed to, resisting change as if it’s directed personally at them, it’s simple human nature to be complacent to the environment that you’ve lived in for a long period of time and you must realize that this is the most important factor for implementing change, not to just change the work cycle, procedures, papers and assets but to change the people themselves, you can maximize your turnover by affecting a complete overhaul to your existing structure and more importantly sustain it, no need to demolish your business and start your company from scratch to achieve its true potentials, start from where you ended as a launch point to reach a new horizon.


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