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Quality today and everyday

by: Ammar El Gohary

Quality; that elusive concept that just when you thought you have it within your grasp it slips from between your fingers, quality is truly what builds your brand name and adds to the value of your services, providing quality services some of the time is not that hard, but providing consistent unwavering quality is where the real issue is, and to address this issue you can’t just have hard working people with good intentions, your quality may peak at times but dip at others, and as Warren Buffet put it “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”, and the way to avoid those five minutes is putting a system in place, a complete process that automates the quality control procedures, and don’t just be content with the process, get the international accreditations to show for it, there are numerous international Quality Assurance certificates, like the ISO and European Norm, then and only then once you have your system in place, you can rest assured of quality today and every day.


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