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Ammar El Gohary, biography

Ammar El Gohary is a business developer specialising in business development for all types of companies, with a special focus on the information technology and translation industries.

Ammar's goal is to unleash the true potential of the companies he works for, creating a ‘can-do’ culture to provide essential services.

Ammar made his way up through a variety of sales and management positions including Sales Manager, Executive Manager, Business Development Manager and Consultant.

Ammar started his professional life at the early age of sixteen. He began working from the ground floor at his family’s business which specialised in construction and contracting. Under the mentorship of his parents and beloved grandfather, he worked for two years before starting up his own company to provide logistic services to the family business. His business grew and at the age of twenty he began importing and exporting marble and granite. During this, Ammar faced many adversities but was able to overcome them and strengthen his resolve in the business world. He has an optimistic outlook on life and this, together with a passion for technology and computers, prompted him to leave the family business and start a new era.

At the age of twenty-two, Ammar joined Tatwir Information Technology as a Sales Representative, knocking on doors selling software applications and websites. In just three months, Ammar proved to be a good Sales Representative and became an Area Sales Manager. After exceeding his target almost six times, he was promoted to Sales Manager; a position he held for more than three years. He contributed to the success of the company and succeeded in positioning Tatwir as the Leading IT provider in the educational sector in Egypt. Ammar is currently CEO consultant.

Ammar’s proven track record then landed him a job as Business Development Manager at Bayan Translation Services. In June 2007, three months after joining, he developed a business plan “½ × 2 ×3”; half the manpower, double the personal income, and increase the profit three times. This plan was accepted and as a result, Ammar was appointed as Executive Manager.

In October 2009, he took over the business development at Elaph Translation, a leading Dubai-based translation and training services provider. Ammar is responsible for the business development for all branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Cairo and Damascus. He also oversees the executive management of the Cairo branch.

In 2011,Ammar El Gohary was appointed as the CEO of Elaph Translation S.A.E. and will lead the business with more than ten years of solid experience in creating business models for the translation services companies in UAE and the Middle East.

In addition, Ammar is also a business consultant to Tagdeed Translation Services (Cairo-based) and Andalus Translation (Dubai-based) and many other leading corporations and individuals. He is a certified ISO 19011 and EN 15035 lead auditor and has developed a reputation as one of the best translation industry consultants.

Ammar is happily married with four children and spends his time between Cairo and Dubai.