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Not just an another faceless page in the Book

by: Ammar El Gohary

A Facebook page for your business is no longer an optional luxury; Facebook is now the number one website on the internet in terms of the time that the users spend browsing, creating a complete virtual world within the virtual world; and we wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it’s the biggest thing since the creation of the internet itself, the Facebook environment emerged as the perfect marketing medium, with its features oriented towards sharing the product or service your company sells with your customers, their family and friends almost instantly, but what makes your Facebook page standout as a successful marketing venue for your product from the flood of Facebook pages that are nothing more than a mere placeholder for their companies? the truth is that Facebook offers such a rich marketing experience that only a few online marketing experts fully comprehend, from viral advertising to segmented targeting, in addition to making use of the features that Facebook offers, keeping your Facebook Page updated and engaging its users in an interactive experience is integral, with exclusive offers, relevant articles and page administrators directly taking part in dialogue with your clients, don’t look at it as a Facebook page, but a full package that adds to your brand.


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