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Quality consultancies and accreditation

Stand out from the rest. Have your business accredited now!

Ammar believes that quality is no longer an option but a necessity which has a major impact on the success of your business. He provides you with complete support – whether you are a company, interpreter or translator – to accredit your activity from the most reputable international accreditation authorities.

Normally, it takes around two years for companies to implement their internal quality system and procedures. Ammar can help minimize this term to six months in order to be accredited from the most reputable international accreditation authorities which grant quality systems. He has sufficient experience in the field of translation quality systems and can assist you identify the criteria you need to fulfill and help you meet them through an executive plan divided into milestones.

Ammar leads your activity towards accreditation

EN in translation services

Being the first and most important specialized certificate of QA in the field of translation, the European norms do not merely assess the QA process, but they also evaluate the translation process competences. Please use this link to know more about this certificate.

ISO Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008 was developed to be an international standard proving that companies have set up and applied a regulated Quality Management system in order to better meet clients' needs. This standard covers design, development, production and service. This accreditation is suitable for all types of businesses. Please use this link to know more about this certificate.

Translators and interpreters: go global and be qualified and accredited through EN

As an individual, you too could make use of our services and get an international accreditation certificate as per the European Norm. Ammar El Gohary can provide complete support during the accreditation period including your preparations and readability to get this certificate acts as your proof of excellence before your clients.

Call us to know more about how we can help you implement a quality management system.