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    عــــربــى English
    Ammar El Gohary, a successful entrepreneur with strong professional leadership, enjoys deep intercultural understanding and international experience, having worked in the translation and geo-localization business for more than 15 years between Egypt, the UAE, Turkey, Canada and the US. He started on his entrepreneurial path young and is now the CEO of Elaph Translation.

    Ammar specializes in the management and development of business.

    He works towards assisting his clients realize their targets by providing consultancy and integrated logistic services that reduce costs, increase productivity, raise quality and ensure overall customer satisfaction.
    After spending years founding and creating business, QA and operational plans for translation services companies in the Middle East, I’ve come to the realization that we have massive untapped potential in this sector.

    As we are only hindered by organizational flaws that weaken the prospects of any company to expand its business at the rate they are truly capable of, from inconsistencies in the work cycle, blurry job responsibilities, marketing failures, lacking QA, poor budget structuring, a culture of complacency and preserving the status quo and much more weak points that slowly or rapidly eat away from the earnings of most organizations.

    Just have a moment and find out how I can help you.


    Take your business to the next level..
    With a wealth of experience in translation, localization and linguistic services, Ammar El Gohary provides services to translators, interpreters and translation companies regardless of their size or domain.